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We're so excited you're thinking about booking with us.

Here's a few things you need to know before you do.

The Once Upon a Time...


Once you've decided you want to book, please send us a party inquiry via our "Book Online" form. Every event request is then reviewed by your very own fairy godmother to ensure the most magical of experiences! We highly encourage clients to help us customize the visit to your specific occasion/child so that the quote you receive is unique to you. Please note that your deposit, half the total to be paid, is required upon accepting your quote to hold your date. With the deposit finalized, all that's left to do is sit back, relax, and leave the magic to us!

Response Time:

Because we deliver the stellar service that only a small, attentive business can do; please understand that the same amazing team that attends your royal balls are the fairy godmothers on the phone walking you through the booking process. We try to be as responsive as possible, but as a 'by appointment only' business, our hours can vary. For this reason, please allow 24-48 hours from submitting a request/message to expect a response (48-72 hours on weekends). We wind down communications with potential clients as the weekend approaches to make time for devoted attention to the upcoming clients we will be visiting. The best time to reach out is the Monday & Tuesday of the week as we will likely not be able to respond to calls/emails on Saturdays & Sundays. We appreciate your graciousness, understanding, and support of our small business!


What makes a Princess...

Character Interactions:

With dreams being our trade of choice, we take character integrity very seriously. Beyond the high-quality costumes and wigs, we pride ourselves on our incredibly enthusiastic and talented performers. Here at "Princess Charming Events", we recognize the importance of every detail, down to the glass slippers and princess demeanor to match. Our performers will arrive in costume and in character to entertain and enthrall all your guests - including you! With non-stop stories about her kingdom and friends back home, we offer the most authentic character experience possible for the royalty in your life. It's all part of creating that illusion for the child, to be able to realistically deliver fairytale after fairytale.

Casting Accuracy:

Every child deserves to see themselves reflected in the heroes on their screens. With the rise of more BIPOC characters in your child's favorite movies and shows, we are committed to reflecting that diversity in our cast as well. Though it should go without saying, we here at Princess Charming Events promise that every character of color will not only be portrayed by a performer of color but one with complexions melanin-accurate to the screen and merchandising

Bespoke Costuming:

Have your party entertainment as one-of-a-kind as the princess in your life. Beyond our beautiful performers, a large selection of our costumes are custom, hand-made by our very own seamstress! These gorgeous designer garments bring your favorite animated films to life and then some. Between the embroidery, hand-placed crystals, and exquisite textiles, our theatre-quality gowns are sure to have your child in awe of the authentic royal grandeur. 

Role-Model Messaging:

At the heart of each princess's story is an adventure; a time she was brave, overcame a challenge, and discovered new places. These are the parts of the character we highlight when you invite a Princess Charming Events princess to your next event. Not just a sparkly dress, our actresses will engage with your children about their interests allowing them to feel special and good about being smart, not just pretty. Our mission is to spread the magic of make-believe and the message that any little girl can be her own Princess Charming. We place a heavy focus on how all of our heroines empower those who believe in them and show that while the ballgowns might not hurt, what’s on the inside matters most of all.

Financial Policies

Client Referrals:

So you had such a spectacular time seeing your child be enchanted by one of our princesses at a friend's party? That's awesome to hear! Just let us know their name as you begin booking your next princess celebration and get $10 off your party with us. Your friend will get $10 off as well when they come back the next year! 

Legacy Pricing:

To honor the wonderful experiences we have making magic & memories for our community over these past few years, we are now offering Legacy Pricing! To reward our loyal royals, starting 2022, when you book an event with us & come back the next year: you will receive the same great services at the same great rate. Regardless of our price and quality increases, your next party with us will hold at the rate you originally booked us for. Simply send us a picture of your last party's invoice and we will match that rate for any event booked with us in the next 14 months. Whether that's a sibling's birthday, or you invite us to grow along with the royalty in your life - trust that we will be there to wish them a wonderful year... after year! 

Terms & Conditions:

Only valid on events booked within 14 months of the original date. Legacy Pricing can only be redeemed once following a full-price, true-to-market event. Your third event will us will resume at our regular prices, but will trigger a legacy discount the following year. Legacy same-rate events must be redeemed for equal itineraries. However, any add-ons, extended event durations, or additional charges will be priced out in a legacy format - at our rates from your original time of booking. 


Tipping is never expected, however highly encouraged. Please be mindful that these actors/actresses are working in a service industry, as such we hope that the gratuity you pay is reflective of the service you have received.


Deposits are non-refundable. However, in the event of sickness or unforeseen scheduling conflicts on behalf of a client, as long as you notify us at least 1 week before your original scheduled event date/time, we are happy to transfer your deposit total to a new booking with a future date (pending availability). Rescheduling requests made with less than 7 days notice will incur a $30 rescheduling fee. We also typically like to provide the birthday child with a video message from a Princess wishing them to get well soon and that they will see them at another date (this is not always the princess that you booked for, however, it’s still usually a very comforting gesture nonetheless). In our nearly half-decade of serving our community, we have never canceled a party - in an extreme circumstance where we are no longer able to service your event on the booked date, you will receive a complete refund as well as a complimentary visit from a princess at a later date. 

Balance Payments:

For residential events, Balance Payments are payable as early as the receipt of the invoice (if you prefer to tip in cash at the time of your event) and are due no later than 3 days after services are rendered (if you prefer to tip electronically).    

For public events or bookings made with less than 7 days' notice, payments are due upfront, in full at the time of booking.  


Event Protocols


For all character parties, we recommend slating your princess to arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes after your guests are scheduled to arrive. Following this recommendation helps us preserve the magic and make sure all the lords, ladies & royals of the court are present for the big appearance!

Outdoor Parties:

Due to the delicate nature of our costumes and the unpredictability of weather conditions, our preference is to hold parties at indoor locations. In the occasion of an outdoor party, we ask that you be courteous to your performer & please provide water, shade, & indoor breaks accordingly. Princesses will not perform outside in the event of rain or outside in temperatures lower than 45°.


Our brand is built on the belief that little girls are destined to be the heroes of their own lives; that girls can do anything that boys can do & this goes both ways! While we find that the majority of birthday children we celebrate are girls, we never shy away from including boys in the fun too. We can offer gender-neutral color options and designs for all crafts & face-painting. If makeovers are part of your event package, unless otherwise specified, our princesses will happily perform/offer makeovers to all guests, including boys (however parents may opt to choose temporary tattoos for their children as a substitute). From games to storytime - we find that boys can be just as enthusiastically enthralled by our characters, so have a mixed-gender party in confidence, knowing all children will have royal fun regardless! 


Unless you specify otherwise: we retain the right to use photos from events on our website and other booking platforms.


Our princesses love giving back to the community, we are no strangers to participating as entertainment in fundraisers or making hospice visits! If you would like to inquire about our availability for non-profit events, we highly encourage communication. We will have a team of fairy godmothers standing by.


  • Your princess is not responsible for supervising children. Chaperones are accountable for the behavior and safety of the party as the entertainer cannot oversee all the kids while performing.

  • A final headcount is due, at minimum, three days (72 hrs) prior to the event date. We do not guarantee activity, craft, or makeup supplies past the guest count received. 

  • In the event of damage to "Princess Charming Events" property or costume, clients are responsible for reimbursing the total cost of repair/replacement.

  • Unless otherwise specified, we retain the rights to use pictures taken at events for marketing purposes on our social media & business platforms.

  • If your performer feels uncomfortable at any time during your event and has reasonable concern for their safety, they are allowed to leave without notice and no refunds/reimbursements will be made.

  • Princess Charming Events is an independent entity and is not associated with, affiliated with, or licensed by the Walt Disney Company. 

Additional Stipulations For Mascot Visits:

  • Due to limited visibility, assistants are required to be present at all events for safety purposes.

  • To prevent overheating, performers are allowed 5-minute breaks every 45 minutes (sometimes more or less depending on weather conditions at our performer's discretion).

  • Hosts are required to provide our performers with an area away from children to demask, drink water, and cool down in-between sets.

Every event with us is magical!​

If a concern was not addressed, please reach out, we will respond at our earliest availability.


Or simply give us a call at (470)-554-0910!

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