We offer a variety of high-quality characters straight out of their very own fairytales!

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Beauty Princess

This small-town bookworm is searching for her next adventure in the great wide somewhere. Be our guest to invite her to your special event, turning it from a provincial to a princess party!

*Alternate Outfits Available


Ice Queen

A magical queen with ice powers and a warm heart, days are never fixer-uppers when she's around. Book this fierce queen and get ready for a chill time.

*Alternate Outfits Available



From a kingdom far far away, Glass Slipper Princess is the original rags to riches story: complete with pumpkin carriages. Though she has to leave her mice friends at home, this character will bring life to any ball!

Spanish Princess

Make your fiesta fierce with a visit from our Spanish Princess! Join alongside mythical creatures as your princess of the day becomes ready to rule.

Sleeping Princess

Our Sleeping Princess is well-rested just in time to bring wonder to your child's birthday party! Book this princess for an experience you've only heard of 'Once Upon A Dream.'

IMG-5445 w blur_edited.jpg

Snow Princess

A beautiful princess ready to explore the world, and eat lots of chocolate. Book this princess and learn how love can be an open door!

*Alternate Outfits Available

Arabian Princess

Experience the wonder of a magic carpet ride as your child soars with our Arabian Princess. Book this royal for a whole new world of dazzling party opportunities!

Brave Princess

With Bravery in spades, this fiery Scottish princess is ready to fight for her right... to be a party animal! 

vingette rap_edited.jpg

Tower Princess

An artistic and outgoing princess that grew up in a tower, now she isn't wasting any time to enjoy life and see the lights. Get ready to climb to new heights as Tower Princess makes this the "Best Day Ever".


Islander Princess

Get ready to find out how far we'll go to make this a special birthday. This Polynesian princess has journeyed across the ocean to bring some fun to your event!

Mermaid Princess

Out of the sea and ready to be part of your next special event! Book this princess to learn more about life under the sea and all the fun adventures she can tell you about.

Glass Slipper Princess

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